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Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse is Possible

Welcome My Friend

How do you heal from childhood trauma? Healing from childhood sexual abuse can be a daunting journey, causing you to feel invisible, never enough, and hopeless.

Far too often, all the trauma and pain are never addressed.

The abuse and suffering you’ve endured are unimaginable. You deserve to heal. Post traumatic hope!

Post Traumatic Hope

Untangle Your Soul

Restore Your Identity

Take Back Your Agency

Post Traumatic Hope

Just when the caterpillar thought the darkness would win she emerged a butterfly!

Hello, I’m Sandra



Like you, as a child, I was sexually abused too.

I understand the storm in your soul. The pain. The powerlessness. Feeling invisible, never enough, and hopeless.

But this is not how your story ends. You’re destined to live a victorious story. A life of wholeness. With an untangled soul. A restored identity. And a renewed sense of agency.

Childhood sexual abuse

How Do You Heal From Childhood Trauma?

Determine Where You Are

Where are you in the healing process?

Where Are You in the Healing Process?

Start Where You Are

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Childhood Trauma – 7 Healing Phases

You Are Not Alone


As we journey together, rest assured…

  • You’ll be honored for how far you’ve come, no matter where you are in the healing journey. You are incredibly brave and resilient to have come this far already.
  • Here at Post Traumatic Hope, you’ll feel seen and known. You’ll be encouraged as you heal. 
  • I won’t share any of the physical details of sexual abuse I experienced or others have experienced. No one needs to be re-traumatized.
  • I’m listening and praying for you. Please feel free to send me your questions or prayer request.
    Healing is possible

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